Prototype EduXS

From late September to December 2023, SURF, Buro Edustandaard, and our international partners will actively work together. During this first phase of the pilot project a prototype for EduXS will be created. It will showcase how EduXS provides user-friendly data access.

We will develop and test the views collaboratively with stakeholders through fortnightly sprints. The website we're building will empower stakeholders to access relevant data through various means:

  • Organizations, projects, standards, and business capabilities will each have their dedicated page or view containing relevant information;
  • We will provide a page or view allowing the comparison of 2 to 3 projects, standards, or tools based on properties pertinent to EduXS;
  • A relational interface will enable users to easily navigate between organizations, projects, standards, and tools, creating a visual representation of the relationships among them;
  • Experienced users will have the option to apply filters within the relational interface's page or view;
  • A search function, featuring autocomplete, will allow users to search for projects, organizations, tools, or standards by their short or long names;
  • Furthermore, there will be an option for users to provide feedback.

We will keep you informed of all developments on the prototype for EduXS via this website.