Why & how?

We believe cross-border innovation of education in Europe is necessary for an effective economy, robust democracy and social cohesion 

  • We simplify international cooperation for the development and application of digital facilities within the public education field. 
  • By providing insight and access to projects, organizations, experts and standards, we make facilitating student mobility easier and strengthen the collective strength of Europe.

How can we make facilitating student mobility easier, and how can we strengthen our collaborations?

1: By making an inventory of the relevant elements as easily as possible.
   a) Where possible, (parts of) the data collection will be automated.
   b) We make it easy for users to add or change information.
2: By clearly describing the information about elements.
   a) We offer the possibility to compare (groups of) elements with each other.
   b) We provide a clear overview of elements and relationships that are (and are not yet).
   c) Where possible, we provide views tailored to users' needs.
3: By making connections between elements visually attractive.
   a) We present the connections (relationships) between the elements in a visual way.
   b) We show the properties of components in an unambiguous way.
   c) We motivate users to indicate relationships between projects and collaborations.
4: By facilitating shared insights that inspire action.
   a) We describe the elements in the (digital) international education ecosystem in an unambiguous way.
   b) We ensure the correctness and accuracy of the information.